The Services We Provide

  • Web Site Design
    • Aj Web Technologies has been in the business of creating top of the line, user friendly web pages for 5 years. Those years of experience have nutured the minds of our designers to a point of such creativity that no longer are “static” pages a have-to – NOW, dynamic pages are a need to. With experiece using PHP, MySql, ColdFusion, and more, we can provide you with a web page that is never the same.
  • Content Management
    • Do you already have a web site? Did you think that maybe you could handle updating it yourself and now have discovered your in over your head? If so, web have a solution to bring your frustration and confusion to an end. Aj Web Technologies is prepared to make your website change as often as you like for as long as you like.
  • Graphic Artwork
    • The big “kicker” of today’s high pace and highly iimpressionable world is the wonderful realm of graphic art. In forms all around us, we see billboards, cd covers, banner ads, and commercials and sit in aww. Now, you can have that feeling for yourself with your business. Let us create a piece of art for you today in whatever form you prefer.
  • Photography
    • We like to cover our bases at Aj Web Technologies… therefore, we also provide photography services. Not only motion photography, landscapes photography, and clip-art style photography, but we’ve moved towards personal and modeling photography. You can see some of our clients in our portfolio under the photography section.